The Secret to Raising Retail Conversion Rates

Simply tracking your store’s sales isn’t enough. Retail managers and store owners also need to know how many customers are leaving the store without making purchases.

Counting customers can help determine the relationship between the number of visitors and the number of purchases in a store or the conversion rates and, ultimately, how to strengthen that relationship.

Low conversion rates could suggest that visitors aren’t happy with the product or the pricing, among other problems. That’s where counting comes in. People counting hardware allows retail managers and store owners to get to know their customers what they like and dislike.

The data obtained answers questions like:
– Which days of the week have the most trafficking?
– Which days have the least?
– Was there an increase in trafficking during a sale or promotion period?

And with these answers, managers can see what is and isn’t working in their stores and adapt accordingly. The equipment can work wonders in three ways:

  1. You won’t find yourself over or understaffed. Knowing your store’s busy and slow days will help you optimize labor while scheduling. For example, on the days that the store usually sees the least amount of visitors, employees can maintain productivity by cleaning, performing maintenance tasks, or unloading a new shipment of products. You won’t have to put maintenance tasks on a back burner during your busy days.
  2. You can discover the best ways reach your customers. Measuring your customers’ response to advertisements with retail counting hardware will tell you which medium of communication is most effective. For example, customers without a newspaper subscription aren’t likely to respond to an ad in the local paper. Knowing how to reach them will make your promotions translate to traffic.
  3. You will never make the same mistakes twice. Having an understanding of what your customers prefer will keep you from taking risks in your business ventures. Say goodbye to poor returns on investments. You can integrate traffic data obtained from people counting hardware into your overall marketing and advertising plans and measure traffic to support project funding.

Trafficking sensors comes in several forms overhead, horizontal, wireless, bi and unidirectional, and thermal. They can detect customers from all angles, no matter the size or scope of a store. Many models are web-compatible, making it easy to view and store the data.

People counting hardware is an invaluable tool that not only saves money by minimizing store costs, but makes money by maximizing profits.

Thrifty Shop

Who isn’t looking for a pick-me-up these days? But how to feed that urge without the splurge?

Want to treat yourself to a lot of shopping fun while spending just a little? Let me help.

I’ve been cruising around, looking at stores both large and small that provide plenty of entertaining browsing and a load of satisfying purchases — for under $20.

If you can’t find something to brighten dreary winter days at the stores shown here (for you or those lucky friends on your gift list), then you’re just not looking.


1902 W. Montrose Ave.; 773-769-2227,

This really is one-stop shopping for brightening our frigid sun-free zone. And if you’re looking for a present, owner David Vail makes it easy. In the three-room shop you’ll find small sections devoted to baby, men, plus lots of unique jewelry (vintage and costume), housewares, cards and — even — flowers. Seriously, Hazel has it all. If they served coffee and snacks you’d never have to leave.

Ravenswood locals have been shopping Hazel since it opened 6 1/2 years ago, but I just discovered it. Now, you can’t keep me away.

While I was there a customer walked in the front door and almost shrieked with joy, “This IS the store!”

Within my self-inflicted $20 budget, I found a trunkload of irresistibles, including white ceramic salt-and-pepper shakers shaped like modern art mini-boulders ($10). Also, magnet bud vases made from test tubes ($7), and live and silk flowers to put in them; cuff links shaped like safety pins ($14); a pretty pink starburst rhinestone ring ($9.50) and on and on and … on.

Renegade Handmade

1924 W. Division St.; 773-227-2707,

If you love D.I.Y., handmade,, this is the place to shop for instant gratification (though the store recently opened an online component as well). I didn’t find as many under $20 items as I’d expected, but there still were plenty including “kitsch plates” switch plates and outlet covers made from vintage wallpaper ($12); cross-stitched pins of hearts and little girl heads ($18); and a brightly colored hardbound mini memo pad with pen ($17.50). There’s a large selection of posters, art, T-shirts and onesies for infants. Many of the crafters are Chicagoans.

Ten Thousand Villages

121 N. Marion St., Oak Park; 708-848-4572,

This fair-trade retailer, with several shops in the Chicago area, stocks handmade jewelry, wearables, decorative items, toys and more by artisans from around the globe at prices that make you think they’ve left a digit off the tag.

I confess I broke my $20 limit when I saw three handsome plastic bangles from India in colors I coveted in a pretty drawstring bag ($24). But there was loads of jewelry — and everything else — well within my budget, including other bright bangles from Africa ($6 each); miniature magnetic picture frames made from recycled chip bags (4 for $16); prettily wrapped clove and honey soaps from India (3 for $10); hand-carved onyx pears and apples ($14) and candle holders (starting at $6) from Pakistan.

The volunteers who staff the shop are informative and welcoming and they wrap your gifts with heart.


9500 S. Western Ave.; Evergreen Park; 708-857-7319,

Forget what you think you know about this pink-and-purple emporium that pre-teens love. Once you get past the Jonas Brothers tote bags ($24 reduced to $12) and garish leg warmers ($10), there’s lots more for women of all ages.

Walls here are lined with costume jewelry that is the very definition of timeless, such as a 5-foot-long pearl and gold chain necklace ($9.50) or silvery hoop earrings (buy 2, get one free, $6). There are Claire’s all over Chicagoland, and at the one in Oak Park I yearned for a leopard and black vinyl wallet for $12 and found enough hair accessories to take me and every woman I know or will ever meet into the next millennium.


Capture the Elusive Teenage Demographic

Teenagers are as unpredictable as the weather happy and sunny one hour and then clouding over with the storms the next. Teenagers are about as fickle as they come much to the dismay of parents and teachers everywhere.

Retailers who cater to these consumers are equally baffled and have spent the last several years trying to figure out what teens want, how to communicate with this target audience and what price points are acceptable.

Teenagers are more aware

The teenage category has changed drastically over the last several years. These shoppers have grown up with technology and desire innovative, fresh ideas. They have Smartphones, iPads and iPods and they know (unlike me) how to use all of the buttons and features. Teens know exactly what they are looking for, what it costs and where to find it. They are not going to the mall to browse racks of clothes and try on endless piles of jeans– they have already gone online, shopped around, solicited opinions from their friends and made a decision.

This is bad news for traditional retail favorites like the GAP and Abercrombie & Fitch. Over the course of the last decade, it’s become more complicated to be a teen and dress a teen. If you remember dressing in head-to-toe Esprit and Aerospostale when you were in high school, you may be disappointed to hear that today’s teenagers are much more discerning. It’s no longer about the same brand for everything, now it’s all about mixing and matching to create an individual style.

Mainstays take a hit

Stores that used to be mainstays Abercrombie & Fitch, Aerospostale and American Eagle, to name a few, are fending off some serious competition as new trends emerge.  “Fast fashion” stores like H&M, Forever 21 and Uniqlo, which specialize in taking pieces from the runway, reproducing them quickly and inexpensively and making them available to consumers, have gained a foothold. Traditional retailers haven’t been able to keep up with these changes, causing some industry observers to note than if they can’t adapt more quickly, they are going to lose their customer base permanently to those who can.

Further complicating the landscape is a shake-up at the top, where a lot of companies are seeing a change in leadership, switching out C-level executives for others and mixing things up the store level. Styles and fits that were flying off the shelves last year are no longer cutting it, so new products are being tested and stores themselves are being refreshed. As eCommerce gains momentum, teen retailers are also paying more attention to their websites and how items are marketed.

So how do we know what teens want?

Today’s teens are tech-savvy with disposable income more than 29 percent live in homes where the average income is $100,000 are more. They are fascinated by gossip, photos and blogs and what celebrities wear helps dictate what teens want to buy. They may not be able to afford the designer gown Selena Gomez was wearing in a magazine, but a similar dress that’s available at H&M for a fraction of the price may fly off the shelves.

Tracking Teens’ Buying Habits Helps

One of the most effective ways for you to see if your marketing or product line is resonating with any target group is a traffic counting system or loyalty program. A loyalty program that is tied into the POS system will reward a shopper for their purchase and brand loyalty but also give you a goldmine of data you can use to evaluate your store’s performance. The data can tell you what your customers are buying, how often they are shopping and at what price point.

Sometimes it seems like teenage behavior is a mystery to almost everyone except teens themselves. Smart retailers should implement technology that will help them decipher teenagers’ buying habits, or they may possibly find themselves awash in stock they cannot sell and marketing campaigns that aren’t resonating.

Wholesale Polo in Atlanta and Get The Discount Price

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  • Screen printing
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  • Rhinestones
  • Glitter printing etc.

All the above mentioned printing techniques are impressive will give your design a unique and personal touch. The modern generation love customized clothes as they can put anything which describes their personality, attitude or behavior. You can buy wholesale sweatshirts in Atlanta, wholesale t shirts in Atlanta, wholesale tank tops or anything else to customize them in the way you love. All these apparels are available at 3v Tees and you can select from the plenty of colors and styles available in each category. You will receive competitive pricing for all the items and printing techniques provided. So, if you want custom clothing or want to buy t shirts or other casual clothes in bulk then don’t hesitate to contact 3v Tees.


Kids Shopping

CHICAGO — During this holiday season, the treatment of young children in public places is something that should be the concern of all of us. Children don`t really like to shop, especially children ages one to ten, unless it is at a toy store or specifically for them.

Instead of dragging them to all corners of the earth for shopping, perhaps what we should do is give them our time. By time I mean involving ourselves in children`s lives, children`s concerns, children`s expectations and children`s joys-not having them conform to adult wishes as if they were an object.

We often see children shopping late of night who are terribly fatigued and not interested at all in finding a sweater for Aunt Kay. I cringe every time I see a child getting smacked for “not behaving right“ while shopping.

Children need to learn respect and manners, but to attempt to teach manners while they are involved in adult activities is not the appropriate place. The holidays would be a lot happier for all if we realized the most precious gift is the gift of our child and we should celebrate their lives.

Best Online Shop in Pakistan

First, we will see that what is online shopping?

Online shopping is the act of purchasing services or products from the internet. Online shopping gaining its popularity day by day in recent years .it is also very convenient for the people who can easily buy things while sitting at home or office. One more great and effective factor of online shop is that it reduces the time factor as well. Now let’s see how to do Online Sale in Pakistan

Online Shopping in Pakistan:

There are many online stores in Pakistan which are offering the Online Shopping in Pakistan facility. But I have listed one of the topmost online shop centers which provide best services to its customers.

It is one the biggest and most trending online shopping marketplace in Pakistan which is reliable consistent and convenient. The main aim of this store is to provide trouble-free shopping to the people of Pakistan.

It comes forward with a unique idea to enhance the boom of online shopping in Pakistan the motto of this online shopping store is Trust, Reliability, Originality, and Agility. It has all the products related to electronics, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands. It also has the best collection of clothing and fashion accessories as well.

As well all know that Pakistan’s online shopping trademark is increasing day by day in the last 10 years so bigger cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad is gaining momentum. This trend is not just limited to the urban cities only. But also, it has expanded to many rural areas of Pakistan as well. Realizing this surge in online business, Goto brings an unmatched online shopping experience to all parts of the country and offers free home delivery on any product you order on our website.

No matter where you live in Pakistan this site will deliver your order within the 3-7 working days after the placement of your order. And it’s very easy to buy products on Goto it’s just like a few clicks you do and after some time, you will get your product or service at your home.

Also, this store provides you with the facility to return any product within the 7 working days if you think that product is not up to the mark or not up to the standard. You easily can return and exchange that product or if you don’t want to exchange your product and want your full money back our refund options are also available.

The main thing for this store is the customer satisfaction and customer trust because these are the terms which are important for us to define us.

Hope so you have enjoyed this article Online Shopping In Pakistan but if you want more interesting and informative articles like this keep connected for more useful info and keep subscribing our blog to get the latest updates.

Tips To Consider Before Purchasing Diamond Jewellery

If you are on a hunt for a beautiful diamond engagement ring or any other piece of diamond jewelry, it is quite normal to feel a little panicked when visiting the jewelry store. You need to think about it a lot as buying diamonds are definitely a huge investment and you would not want to mess up with this. This is the reason that you need to understand about the diamonds before you decide to go shop for one. Stores like The Diamond Jewellery Studio engagement rings in Brisbane would tell you the perfect way to determine her ring size and would help you in finding the ring that you always dreamt of.

Listed below are a few tips that you must consider when you head to buy diamond jewellery.

Choose a Well-known Jeweller

Choosing a well-known jeweler is the most important thing to do when you decide to buying diamond jewelry. Ask your family members, friends or other brides whose style you love for recommendations. When you are purchasing a diamond, it must come with appropriate certifications by a certified jewelry institution. If you have already purchased diamond before, you would have a fair idea as to which place has the best diamonds that suit your liking.

The Four C’s

One of the terms that you are going to come across a lot when you start researching about engagement rings or just diamonds, in particular, is the four C’s. It is important that you understand that the diamonds are priced and graded based on the four C’s. The four C’s are – Carat, Cut, Clarity and Colour. You must know about them because they help in comprehending the quality of the diamonds and determine its price. Of course, if a ring seems very beautiful and feels alright, then other things do not generally matter. But, it is, of course, good to know what you are paying for.

Remember to Try Different Ring Settings

At The Diamond Jewellery Studio in Brisbane, you might be asked questions regarding the width of the ring and whether you would like rounded corners or sharp lines on your ring. You can even show the jeweler the pictures of the rings that you like and the jeweler would then present a completely unique design that meets your preference. For instance, the grooms who would like to surprise their bride-to-be can closely notice the colors that the bride loves and if she loves everything simple and elegant or ornate. The lifestyle of the bride must be considered as well. This would help in choosing the best solitaire band.

Your Budget

People should consider their finances rather seriously before buying diamond jewelry. It’s not like that you have to purchase a very expensive ring to impress your bride. You might find a ring that is perfect for your partner but is probably the half of what you were planning to spend. The best option would be to purchase it.

When you are purchasing diamonds, also get to know about the insurance about the return policies. Make sure that you take a receipt of the purchase and you would be good to go.

Reasons Why You Should Work with an Investment Advisor

Navigating savings and debt along with reaching your financial goals is not easy to do on your own. Working with an advisor saves you the headache that comes with the process of planning for a happy and stress-free retirement.

Here are the top four reasons why you should work with an advisor to ensure you have the retirement that fits the lifestyle you want.

1.    An advisor can help with retirement planning

Planning requires time, knowledge and expertise. Fifty per cent of pre-retirees do not know how to plan for retirement.

One in four pre-retirees do not believe their retirement will be financially comfortable. Half of them expect to reach a lower standard of living in retirement than where they are at now.

An advisor can put you on the right track to be in control of your own finances and be prepared for retirement.

2.    An advisor can help you create better saving habits and accumulate more assets

Paying yourself first involves putting aside a percentage of each paycheque. But half of  pre-retirees are not saving on a regular basis [1].

Studies have indicated that those who use an advisor accumulate 3.9 times more assets. Individuals who worked with an advisor for 15 years or more increased their household assets by 290{08f853f53de95c4dacdd9cf521b5662dd39251575eea5baf4402cdb4fff33f2c}.

3.    An advisor can help you develop a strategy to decrease debt and increase savings

4.    An advisor can help you build a plan to achieve long-term goals

An investment advisor will be able to ensure that you create firm plans to help you meet your targets to have the retirement you’ve dreamed of.

Ninety-one per cent of pre-retirees do not have a written, formal plan that maps out how much money they need to save for retirement and how they will get there .

An advisor will help you stick to the roadmap you’ve created without straying.

Are department stores dead?

Last week Hudson’s Bay announced 2,000 job cuts. This week Sears Canada raised doubts about its future.  Are the days of the department store dead?

Sadly, I think they are; maybe not in the next few years but definitely in the next decade. You only have to look back at what has been happening in the past 10 years to know the department store model has been in trouble.

I shopped at the Bay on the weekend and saw how customer service has declined. There were long lineups at tills and few staff on the floor to answer customers’ questions.

We all bear some responsibility in this decline. Online shopping has been the biggest competitor for larger stores.

Addressing the bottom line usually means a cut in staff. Less staff means more waiting and in a society where we have become accustomed to having everything on-demand, we turn our backs on a way of shopping whose time has passed.

Retail Traffic Counter Can Improve Customer Service

Customer service is one of the top factors people consider when they decide whether or not to visit your store. The RightNow Customer Experience Impact Report notes that “89{08f853f53de95c4dacdd9cf521b5662dd39251575eea5baf4402cdb4fff33f2c} of consumers have stopped doing business with a company after experiencing poor customer service.” A second statistic, from Parature, says that “it takes 12 positive customer experiences to make up for one negative experience.”

  • Tough competition

There’s more competition than ever before and the stakes have never been higher—it’s predicted that by 2016, Americans will spend over $325 billion online.  Online-only retailers are growing their market share leaps and bounds because they  don’t have the overhead of operating a B&M location and can offer rock-bottom prices on products delivered right to your door. This can be hard to resist, so stores are fighting back with improved loyalty plans, digital signage and omni-channel marketing.

  • The customer is still always right

Despite all of these technological advances, the customer is still king and it’s the face-to-face interaction in-store that will largely determine whether or a not a shopper returns. And as shoppers look to buy more and more products online, retailers are investing more resources to ensure that every customer service interaction is a good one.

Much of customer service begins with staffing and understanding the busiest times. You don’t want to be the retailer where the checkout lines are always long and people are frustrated because there’s no one on the floor to help them.

At its most basic level, retail traffic counters can tell retailers how many people are visiting the store and how long they are staying. Retailers may also employ these counters around the store to determine what the busiest departments are, and if more staff is needed at changing rooms.

Using a retail traffic counter helps to optimize a retailer’s staffing so there are enough employees on-hand during the busiest shifts and ensures you are not wasting money by having too many people on the floor during slower times.

  • Lost in Aisle 5

Another common complaint you may hear is that “I can never find anything!” If you have a retail traffic counter and you use it in conjunction with your point of sale system, you can identify what the hot selling items are and place those displays front and center so people aren’t wandering around aimlessly searching for a certain product.

Retail traffic counters can also determine what areas people are visiting  around the store and assist with the planning and resetting of displays. By evaluating the way people traverse your store, you can see which pathways are the most frequented, which areas are underutilized and where there may be issues like crowding.

Retail traffic counters help keep eyes on nearly every aspect of your retail store. Gathering these analytics can help you make the changes for a better, faster and more pleasant customer experience at your business.